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CORA is a trading company whose principle business activity is representing international outdoor sporting goods brands in marketing and distribution role in China. CORA is the appointed distributor for Patagonia, Gregory, and Backcountry Access brand. CORA has been a member of the “1% for the Planet” alliance since 2009, and become its representative office in China to develop the non-profit environmental conservation organization in China.

CORA operates a distribution network of over 100 retail stores in 21 provinces (out of 31) in China. Main channels include outdoor specialty, shopping mall, department stores, kids specialty, urban outdoor, and e-commerce. CORA also owns and operates five direct retail stores (two in Beijing, two in Shanghai, one in Suzhou), as well as flagship e-commerce stores on TMall.com . 


Traditionally, CORA has its core competency in the outdoor specialty channel. Over the past five years, as the growth of outdoor products expanded, CORA also broadened its reach to other channels with adiverse line of functional products that meets the needs of a broader customer base in existing distribution channels. 


We are benefit from the general trend of “upgrade purchase” of Chinese consumers who  ask for better quality and  personalization products. We keep substantial growth with existing brands as well as through adding likelihood brands in our portfolio to meet China fast changing consumer needs.

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